Exciting Career Options for Massage Therapists

Career options for massage therapists

Exciting Career Options for Massage Therapists

Whether you are a seasoned massage therapist or just starting your career, there are many career options for licensed massage therapists.

Medical Placement

  • fast-paced, clinical environment.
  • working with medical patients, you will need to be able to read notes and be up to speed on any situation you may encounter.
  • Being able to help people in this setting can also be very rewarding. The power of touch can do wonders for those who are in an unfortunate medical situation.

Spa Placement

  • Candles, tranquil music, and a varied menu of services are all part of the spa environment.
  • Thanks to the menu of services, you will be able to diversify your expertise to include treatments such as wraps, scrubs, and the spa’s signature services.
  • Be prepared to really strive in this setting, as you will encounter back-to-back sessions and a hefty workload.

Fitness Center/Gym Placement

  • You will usually work in shorter increments with different outcomes of massage as opposed to other settings.
  • Understanding the sports or activities the client is involved in is extremely important. Most athletes will push themselves to the physical limit in order to achieve their goals, so keep in mind there may be a tendency to push your physical limits as well.

Self-Employed Placement

  • You decide what to charge, when to work, what to wear, whom to work on—and every decision of your business.
  • You will deal directly with customers of all types.

Franchise Placement

  • When you work at a franchise, there is no need to worry about marketing, finding referrals, scheduling or getting clients in the door. You can focus solely on massage and your clients—there is no paperwork, scheduling or other tasks that fall on the shoulders of a sole practitioner.
  • The franchise environment can offer the unique opportunity to diversify your expertise and learn from massage therapists who come from a vast array of backgrounds.
  • You can grow with a franchise system, be a lead therapist for recruiting, training and motivating your team, a franchise manager overseeing the operations of the business, a regional consultant making sure your market has what they need, or a corporate team member developing the tools and support for your system to be successful.
  • Depending on the franchise and your drive, there might also be an opportunity to become the owner of your own location.

Whatever your preferred work environment, the career of Massage Therapist offers the opportunity to do what you love to do in a variety of settings. You choose!
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