Hidden Benefits of Massage Therapy

Hidden benefits of massage therapy

Hidden Benefits of Massage Therapy

Most of us know that a good massage makes one feel better, but have you considered what the other benefits to this practice are?

Massage loosens muscles

  • Massage increases circulation, friction, and thus heat in the muscle fibers, helping the muscles and surrounding tissues become more liquid. Soft tissues of the body are kind of like gelatin, in that they become more dense and congealed when cold, and more fluid when warm. This is the reason athletes “warm up” before exercising. Stretching creates friction and heat, giving the muscles more mobility.

The lymphatic system gets a workout

  • There is a type of massage known as lymphatic massage or lymphatic drainage that stimulates the lymphatic system. The benefits of such stimulation are improved metabolism, removal of bodily waste and toxins, and promotion of a healthy immune system. Some people are prescribed lymphatic massage following breast cancer or other surgeries.
  • This gentle form of massage, alone or in conjunction with deep tissue or Swedish massage, is also helpful for those with a sports injury, emotional problems, stress, low energy, illnesses, or an impaired immune system.

Stress and tension melt away

  • Tension headaches, tightness in your shoulders, stomachaches, and assorted pains are signs of built-up stress. An expert massage therapist can help melt stress and tension.

Circulation improves

  • For people with impaired vascular function or limited mobility, research* has shown that regular massage may offer significant benefits, especially in improved circulation. Those with physical injury who underwent massage showed improved blood flow and vascular function was changed at a distance from the site of the injury and the massage.

Massage contributes to healing, especially after surgery

  • One of massage’s biggest benefits is how it aids in healing the body post-surgery. When you alleviate pain, your body is better able to heal.
  • Massage is great in helping to bring blood and nutrients to the affected area to repair the soft tissue. Massage also can help break up scar tissue and keep the muscles supple so less scar tissue develops in the first place.
  • By increasing circulation while relaxing the muscles, massage can help the body pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs. This allows the surgical rehabilitating area(s) to become more flexible and heal at an accelerated rate.

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*University of Illinois at Chicago. “Massage therapy improves circulation, alleviates muscle soreness.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 16 April 2014.