Managing Work Life Balance

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Managing Work Life Balance

Balancing work and life is an issue for virtually any professional, but in the case of those who care for others, it is quite easy for the line to blur between giving to your clients and taking care of one’s self. Often, self-care for massage therapists who are navigating the sometimes-overlapping paths of money and time, falls by the wayside. While no one is advocating that therapists cease striving as professionals, these tips can help maximize time for greater pleasure and purpose.

  • Take five minutes in the morning before starting your day to just sit and breathe, and spend another five minutes in the evening before ending your day to breathe again, perhaps writing down five things that occurred during the day that brought you pleasure. This is a very simple way to begin planning for more enjoyment in life.
  • Decide health is a priceless commodity. Exercise is the only way clinically shown to reverse aging. Spending your time training your mind and body is the way to gain more time. Everyone has a flow in life. By relaxing, one is able to flow through life with less resistance and pain.
  • The best way to maximize personal time is to schedule it. Making yourself a priority in your own life creates the time to decompress from the stresses of life.
  • Stop pretending that multitasking is real. You think you are doing two things at once by watching the football game while getting some work done. In reality, you diminish the pleasure of watching the game and the work you’re doing is substandard.

Just by choosing a career in healthy touch, massage therapists could be on the road to balanced self-care. One way to maximize time for pleasurable pursuits is simply to find a career that you find challenging and rewarding, rather than a job that sucks the life out of you.

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